COMPUTER BASICS ABC 123 E-book for sale in Miami, Florida


Computer systems are not hard to comprehend, you just have to put in the time to learn some simple computer system fundamentals. So commonly a new computer user can quickly be overwhelmed. Avoid all the disappointment by gaining some crucial understanding in advance. What Can You Learn From the COMPUTER BASICS ABC 123 E-book? 1. What a Computer is and how it works2. Various parts of a computer system and exactly what they are utilized for3. Find basic specifications about your computer4. Ways to preserve your computer5. Everything about the Windows desktop6. You will learn what program opens what file type7. The best ways to cut, copy, paste, step, rename, arrange, backup, and delete files and folders8. The best ways to open a CD and see its files along with burn files to a cd9. The comprehensive index of computer terms and meanings10. Tutorials on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and now Windows Seven. and get 4 free rewards! Discover more at