Looking for a real teacup pig? There are plenty of ads and people offering teacup pigs for under a thousand. Most of these unfortunately are scams. If you have been doing research on getting a teacup pig or looking for teacup pigs for sale, I am sure you have came across websites saying that teacup pigs aren't real and they grow up to be huge. If you are really wanting to adopt a teacup pig that news can be heartbreaking. The reason there are negative websites and articles out there because unfortunately a lot of local breeders are selling pot belly pigs as teacup pigs. Pot belly pigs full grown can weigh 150-250 LBS. Which is small compared to a normal size pig which can get over a thousand pounds but still something that can be very difficult to have as a house pet. Don't lose hope true teacup pigs are real but they are rare that is why real teacup pigs are more expensive and typically range in price between $1,500-3,500.
Teacup pigs won't always stay the size of a teacup cup. Any breeder predicting how big the pig will get or saying that is will only be 10LBS is lying to you. They are trying to make a quick buck with no regard for the pig.
At we have some of the smallest teacup pigs in the world and some of the best bloodlines you will find but even our teacup pigs full grown can get between 15-40 LBS. Which may sound big but is about the size of a Pug or french bulldog(a lot smaller than the English Bulldog) and will make a great house pet.
Teacup pigs start being litter boxed trained at just a few days old and are very clean. They are great for people who have animal allergies. They love to snuggle and each one has it's own personality.
When first getting the teacup pig it will need time to adjust and it will usually squeal the first day or so when you pick it up. On day two or three the teacup piglet will warm up to you and start to follow you around. On day 4 or 5 the teacup piglet will most likely try to challenge you for leadership of the house. The pig may be moody and might try to nip at your fingers. If the piglet does this smack it on the nose and let it know that you will not let it get away with that. The teacup pig will quickly then turn into baby mode. This is where it will try to cuddle with you and kiss your arm letting you know it is sorry and just a baby and wants you to take care of it. On day 6 I recommend taking your teacup piglet out on a leash. At first the teacup pig may get nervous and throw a fit. The easiest way for the piglet to learn is by having the person it is most comfortable take the leash and have someone that is new walk behind the pig. Teacup pigs are quick learners so it should only take a couple hours for it to go on the leash.
Be ready for the teacup pig to get a lot of attention at the park. Most people haven't seen one so they will want to pet the piglet. I always recommend holding the teacup pig when you are getting it use to being around new people. Be careful of young kids touching the teacup piglet around its mouth or snort because if it gets startled it might bite them.
The easiest way to teach your teacup pig not to bite it by putting your hand in it's mouth and letting it know it is not to bite down and it is to be careful. I do this with food. When the teacup pig is not careful I pull the food back. When it goes slow and tongues the food it will get be able to enjoy it's treat.
I hope this information helps as always we recommend checking out your local sanctuary to see if there are any teacup pigs looking for a home before adopting one from us.
If you have any questions or would like to adopt a teacup pig please go to /Teacup-pigs-for-sale.html or give Karen a call at (801) 376-5785

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